15 Minute Yoga OL Stretches Your Body Easily

15 Minute Yoga OL Stretches Your Body Easily

Is the office necessarily a place full of tension and stress?

You can also use some small methods to relax the body and mind.

Recently, in the atrium of Raffles City Plaza, a famous chewing gum company held a party office tour, allowing white-collar workers and professional yoga teachers to experience the healthy feeling of stretching.

“Yoga at the Table” is a yoga exercise designed specifically for office workers. Every 15 minutes, the movements are easy to learn and can be easily done by sitting or standing at the table.

For white-collar workers who need a longer desk, it can effectively relieve symptoms such as eye fatigue, sore shoulders, neck and back.

  Here we introduce the eighth style-desk side squat: stand upright, gently support the lumbar bones with both hands, keep the abdominal muscles tight, and relax the head.

Inhale and lift up the spine while flexing the fractured bone while exhaling.

Imagine your back against a wall, slowly lower your hips, try to keep your spine upright, and tighten your thighs. If possible, inhale and pull your arms forward, palms facing each other.

Relax your shoulders, tighten your abdominal muscles, maintain vertical stability, and contract your thigh muscles.

Inhale gently to stand upright, relax your hands, then slowly adjust your breathing to relax your thighs and abdominal muscles.