Rheumatism should pay attention to diet

Rheumatism should pay attention to diet

What should I pay attention to when getting a rheumatism diet?

The emergence of rheumatism will bring harm to healthy family life. We need to know about rheumatism as soon as possible, find rheumatism as soon as possible, and treat it as soon as possible to prevent the development of rheumatism seriously endangering our health.

So, what should you pay attention to when you get a rheumatism diet?

At the current medical level, rheumatism cannot be cured.

Note that although diet can not treat rheumatoid arthritis, it can fundamentally slow the progression of the disease.

So, what should you pay attention to in the diet of patients with rheumatism?

1: diet nutrition should be balanced 2: diet should be light-based 3: not partial eclipse and taboo so-called diet nutrition should be balanced, which means that the nutritional mix should be balanced, can increase the proportion of sugar, protein and trace.

This shows that a balanced diet is important.

4: Eat more vegetarian vegetables, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, leeks, parsley, papaya, cucumber, bean sprouts, seaweed, kelp and so on.

Can eat lean meat, fish, etc., can add some fruits after meals, eat less sweets, drink less alcohol and coffee, tea and other beverages. The plasma of rheumatoid patients must be comprehensive, some foods such as milk, goat milk, toffee, cheese,Chocolate, etc., although you can’t eat more, don’t eat it. Appropriate eating a little helps to improve the body’s resistance.

This way the health of the body is guaranteed.

The effect of rheumatism on patients is relatively large, because rheumatism patients have many abnormal manifestations. At present, there are many symptoms of rheumatism. People should pay attention to the rheumatism care of rheumatism. People should not ignore this.Treatment of a disease.

In response to the treatment of patients with rheumatism, Jinan Traditional Chinese Medicine Rheumatology Hospital launched the “Chinese Medicine Five-Link Sequential Therapy”, which is the traditional Chinese medicine meridian guide, acupuncture, anti-drug, fundraising, phlegm therapy, moxibustion, fire needle, waxMethods such as therapy, traditional Chinese medicine thought combined with modern medical theory, advanced medical equipment, for different pathology, different degrees of patients, through intravenous collaterals, physical therapy, phlegm and phlegm, solid rehabilitation, functional recovery, strict complianceThe principle of “dialectical treatment” is to formulate a treatment plan for symptomatic treatment, which is tailored to the needs of the time, tailored to the needs of others, treated by illness, one person, one disease, and symptomatic treatment.

Adhere to the “treatment of the disease” and “treatment of disease prevention” to provide patients with scientific and effective treatment programs.

At the same time, tailor-made rehabilitation plans for patients, consolidate treatment effects, shorten recovery time, adjust the body environment, regulate antibody balance, and enhance immune function. It is a system that restores the balance between the body and the environment and the environment.therapy.