Real people experience acupuncture weight loss 8 days successfully slimming

Real people experience acupuncture weight loss 8 days successfully slimming

Opening up urban newspapers, similar advertisements can be described as overwhelming.

If you believe in such a slogan, it is a complete fool.

However, I was so foolish as “I know that there are tigers in the mountains, and I am biased towards Hushan.” I didn’t want to lose weight and really saw the efficiency. I was so excited that my friends had a “reborn” change.

  ”lose weight!

lose weight!
Not dieting!

Do not rebound!

“I have tried all kinds of weight loss methods, and all ended in failure.

This successful slimming, thanks to the Chinese medicine massage acupuncture points, but according to this method, the weight loss is not successful.

Friends have asked me what is my secret?

  The secret is actually in the hands of everyone, the physiological debugging process in the process of reducing weight, and also a psychological debugging process.

Successful weight loss must overcome two major difficulties: the first level is the cruel diet and water saving in the short term; the second level is the long-term diet does not rebound.

  On the first day after the massage, I was told that I was not allowed to drink water for 24 hours. I almost quarreled with the acupuncturist.

If you can’t bear to eat, you can’t accept it without drinking water.

“Eight glasses of water a day” is the basic health concept that I respect.

I did not strictly abide by the rules of the acupuncturist. I drank two glasses of water when I was thirsty and ate one egg and one tomato.

On the second day, I said that I lost two pounds.

I am secretly happy, the acupuncturist spoke: “Are you stealing something?”

“I sighed, wondering how she had a glare, and she just laughed and said, just eating a little something, not as much as my usual 1/6.”

  Later, I learned why the acupoint teacher questioned me with such a positive tone.

In fact, as long as you strictly follow the person who does not eat or drink within 24 hours after acupuncture, the weight loss effect on the first day is at least 3 kg, and some people can even reach 6 kg.

Take myself as an example. After the first day of the second course of treatment, I was obsessed with the requirement of not eating or drinking within 24 hours. The next day, I was reduced by 4 pounds.

  In 8 days, the weight loss of a course of treatment, the first day of the fasting of the net intestines, with the support of the acupuncture points of Chinese medicine, 24 hours of not eating or drinking, in fact, there is no particularly unbearable feeling in the physical, the feeling of incompatibility is actually from the psychologicalIt comes from habits, and it is always possible to have one or the same terrible result due to fasting for own reasons, and the solution is the focus of whether it can break through the short-term weight loss stage.

  While strictly dieting and saving water, I quietly kept the same unraveling food – sweet ice cream.

The root cause is that when you are dieting and saving water, you will feel the discomfort of scratching your ears. Just think that there is still a delicious ice cream in the day to solve the problem, and the heart will settle down immediately, which is crucial for the psychological support of weight loss treatment.

  Water saving is the most unacceptable in weight loss treatment.

I am not willing to be a “fool” at the mercy of a person, turning the process of massage acupuncture into a process of rational discussion with the acupuncturist, and gradually realize that one of the most important aspects of the weight loss process is to control the drinking water to make the fat personThe unfortunate granulocyte shrinkage in the body is like drying a large and full grape granule into a raisin, and then the water can not recover.

My “Grape Theory” image is easy to understand, effectively helping me to control the drinking water consciously during the weight loss phase; the sweet ice cream helped me overcome the psychological discomfort.

Recommending this set of theory and practice to friends and colleagues has actually achieved significant slimming effects.

  I turned over a few years ago and tried a few pieces of clothes that I didn’t want to throw but were stuck in the box because of my fatness. I actually put it on my body.

In the mirror, I restored the face of the melon seeds, and even saw the beautiful bones I saw. The high blood fat in the previous two years also dropped to the normal value. Wow!

This “fool” is a bit of fun.

  Editor’s comment: Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medicine technique. The traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory has a long history and has received more and more attention in recent years.

Acupoint weight loss is to massage specific acupoints, adjust the meridians of specific areas, and achieve weight loss by regulating the five internal organs and endocrine.

The best choice for acupuncture weight loss is from the hospital, because the acupoints are not casual. If you are a non-professional doctor, he is too aggressive and the points are unclear. It is not very good. Any weight loss is too fast.The way, it will cause harm to the body.

Therefore, you must first check and choose a qualified hospital and physician.