[Cabbage Breast Milk]_Recommended Diet

[Cabbage Breast Milk]_Recommended Diet

The mother who had just given birth had swollen breasts for some reason and the milk was not discharged smoothly.

If the baby is not full, the parents are also very anxious. If the symptoms are more serious, it may even cause resonance. At this time, for breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding should be performed in a timely manner. There are many methods, including cabbage, which are not understood by many people.Let us introduce.

When breast milk is not discharged smoothly, breastfeeding mothers will notice the symptoms of tightness in breast cancer, breasts are slightly shiny, and the nipples will not be so prominent, it will feel very painful, and sometimes they feel red and swollen, and even cause fever.symptom.
To alleviate such symptoms, you should excrete milk in a timely manner.

Of course, the best way to discharge milk is to let the baby suck the nipple correctly. If the baby cannot suck normally, it should be squeezed carefully, or sucked out with a breast pump, so that the milk of the nursing mother can be smoothly discharged.At this time, do not take the method of hot compress, you should take the method of cold compress, here we introduce the method of cold compress of cabbage.

Wash the cabbage clean, tear off a cabbage leaf, and apply it to the breast for about half an hour until the cabbage is scooped off. Then take another fresh cabbage and continue to apply cold. Repeat this process multiple times.

This method of breastfeeding has a good effect on many breastfeeding mothers.

Many people do not understand the principle of cabbage milk, and there is indeed no unified statement in science that cabbage contains an enzyme that can promote the effect of cold compresses. In addition, cold compresses of cabbage can also improve the symptoms of swelling, pain, and swelling.

This can promote the discharge of breast milk. Of course, the final solution still needs to be sucked by the baby, or squeezed by hand with a milker.

But cabbage can help mothers who have just given birth to breastfeed smoothly.