The practice of yoga is performed in numerical stages

The practice of yoga is performed in numerical stages

Ethics: Morality is paramount.

No morality can be practiced without morality.

It must be guided by virtue, the mother of success, and the source of merit.

The basic content of yoga morals: non-violent, real, non-stealing, abstinence, and desirelessness.

This is the ethics that yoga requires first of all.

  Internal and external purification: External purification is the correct behavior habit and strive to beautify the surrounding environment; internal purification is the eradication of six vices: desire, anger, greed, madness, obsession, malice, terrible jealousy.

  Posture method: It is a posture exercise, which can purify the human body, protect the body, and treat the limbs.

There are countless types of asanas. They have good effects on muscles, digestive organs, glands, nervous system and other tissues of the body.

Not only improve physical fitness, but also improve mental quality, so that physical and mental balance.

  Breathing method: It means consciously prolong the time of inhaling, holding your breath, and exhaling.

Inhaling is the action of receiving cosmic energy, holding your breath to activate cosmic energy, exhaling is to eliminate all thoughts and emotions, and at the same time exclude exhaust gas and turbid air from the body, so as to stabilize the body.

  Controlling the feeling of spirit: At any time, the spirit is in two opposite contradictory activities. Desire and affection are entangled, followed by activities related to self.

Controlling mental feelings is to suppress desire and calm down feelings.

Concentrate on one point or thing, so that you can be calm and peaceful.

  Meditation, static state: It is difficult to describe only by explaining and understanding through actual experience.

  Perseverance enters a state of “forgetfulness”: that is, unaware of one’s physical breathing, self-spirit and intellectual existence.

Has entered an infinitely vast and peaceful world.

  The combination of the above adolescent stages is yoga.

  The baseball stage is achieved in four more steps.

  Stages 1 and 2 are the ideological foundation and ideological preparation.

  The third and fourth stages are physical training, through various posture training to achieve the purpose of getting rid of illness and strengthening.

  In stages 5 and 6, preliminary meditation practice is performed.

  The last two stages are high-level practice, meditation, and quiescence.