Yoga 4 specializes in upper body obesity_1

Yoga 4 specializes in upper body obesity

If you are worried about the excess meat on your upper body, then this exercise is perfect for you.

This simple exercise combines yoga and Pilates movements to exercise your arms, chest, tibia, and back to quickly restore your upper body to perfect curves.

  Sideways Mermaid Action: 1. The practitioner sits on the floor or on the edge of the mat and folds a towel on your left.

Lift your left leg in front of you and put your right leg behind you so that both legs can relax on the floor.

Keep your body balanced.

  2. Put your left hand on the towel, keep your fingers to the left, and keep your elbow straight, but don’t use too much force.

Tilt your right arm to the top of your head, palm to the left, and stretch your right arm.

Inhale deeply at this time, keep your hips on the floor or mat, stretch your body, but be careful not to lean to one side, your left hand to the right, and prevent your body from leaning to the left.

  3. Exhale, retract the left arm with the towel, and return the body to the initial position.

This action exercises the middle and back sides of the forceps, repeating each 8?
10 times, then change direction and redo.

  Forearm support action: 1, right hand 3?
5 kg dumbbells, lie down and support your body with your left hand, the elbow joint is perpendicular to the arm, and the palm is flat on the mat.

Bend your left leg, fracture your right leg, and insert your body on the floor.

  2. Raise your hips so that your body is in a straight line from head to toe.

Lift your body firmly with your right arm and your palms forward.

Keep this position at this time, starting with your right arm from your chest until it points to the ceiling, perpendicular to the vertical.

  3. Lower your right arm.

This action works on the middle and back of the eyebrow, and the darker upper side.

Do 6 per set?
8 times, keep your arms raised all the time, then change direction and try again.

  Push-pull push-up action: 1, kneeling forward on the mat, palms perpendicular to the orientation, fingertips on the floor, body aligned from head to line.

  2. Bend elbow joints, curved arms, bend your body downward, and touch your chest.

At this point, the arm that was broken when you resumed the initial movement, sit at your heel and squeeze the arm forward.

  3. Return to the initial position.

This exercise trains the tibia, front and front, triceps.

This set of actions repeats 8?
10 times.

  Diagonal front-end lifting action: 1, each holding 3?
5 kg dumbbells, palms facing each other, kneeling on the floor, with insteps close to the floor.

Tighten the gluteal muscles, straighten your chest, and relax your back.

  2. Raise your arms, diagonally, at the same height as your shoulders, and opposite your palms.

  3. Put the arm to the initial position.

This movement exercises forward.

  In addition, before exercise, 10?
Warm up for 12 minutes, turning shoulder and elbow joints.

A set of actions should be performed in the prescribed order, with 30 seconds rest in each set of actions.

After you finish, if you want to increase the difficulty, you can do it again.
This exercise is performed at least twice a week, and can be done alone or as a “daily” program.