How to remove bags under the eyes to be a beautiful woman

How to remove bags under the eyes to be a beautiful woman

The bags under the eyes appear in the center of the human face, and they will be seen at first sight. The faces of two people with large bags under the eyes lose balance and coordination, giving a sense of old-fashioned dragon bell.

Here’s how to remove eye bags from daily skin care.

  Skincare to remove bags under the eyes-Persist in order to reap the effect. The bags under the eyes are actually the edema of the lower eyelids. Because the skin under the eyes is extremely thin, it causes a prominent bulge in the lower eyelids.

If you rule out your bags under the eyes are congenital, your kidneys are not good enough to drain your water. Insufficient sleep and eye fatigue can cause poor blood circulation in your eyes, which can also cause bags under your eyes.

The eye bags formed by this cause can be removed by skin care products and massage points. As long as you are patient and insist on maintaining eye care, you will gain something.

  When choosing eye cream, pay attention to see the main ingredients, the right medicine can do more with less.

Like some Chinese prescription eye creams, Ganoderma can effectively inhibit the oxidation of free radicals and delay the aging of the skin on the eyes.

Ginseng can speed up blood circulation and help eliminate stagnant water and toxins.

Citrus, aloe vera can soothe blood clots and relieve eye puffiness.

High-tech ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and collagen can restore skin elasticity and promote skin regeneration.

  Remove eye bag massage exercise Step 1: Gently pat and re-inject blood circulation Eyes look up, quickly tap the inner corner of the eye with the ring of the ring finger, where the upper and lower Qingming points can drive deep nerves and accelerate blood circulationThe number of taps is around 20.

The weeping acupoint in the center of the lower eye bag is to transport nutrients to the face through the acupuncture points, which are full of blood vessels. If the blood is not flowing, the blood vessels will expand and become blue.blood circulation.

  Step 2: Pat and lift to relieve the nerves of the eye with the middle and ring fingers, gently pat from the inner and lower eyelids to the temple, and lift up, repeat 3 times.

Massage the temples to soothe the nerves in the brain, thereby eliminating eye fatigue.

  Step 3: Brow bone translation massage We all know that there are multiple meridian intersections on the right near the eyebrow center, and translation massage can soothe the nerves of the upper eye bone.

Separate the middle finger and ring finger, go through the pair of eyebrows and the end of the eyebrow, and follow the brow bone to move the ring finger from the inside to the end of the eyebrow.

  Step 4: The V-shaped lifting and tightening of the eye bags and the lifting of the eyelids can improve the sagging of the bags under the eyes and the corners of the eyes.

Cross the V-shape with your index and middle fingers, extend from the inner eyelid to the temple, and repeat 3 times.

  Tips for removing eye bags: 1. Skin care products for non-eye use must be avoided. Most non-eye skin care products are designated to avoid eye area when used.

In particular, some high-performance and low-irritant products such as facial essences, masks, and skincare products for babies are more easily overlooked.

  The composition of facial products is based on the ability of the skin on the face to be standard. Don’t easily believe those products that can be used on the face and eyes. Most of these are tricks for businesses to highlight the low irritation of their productsIn order to have an effect on the face, naturally it cannot be too low. Therefore, it is impossible to avoid irritation to the skin around the eyes.

Remember to move the eye satellite down a bit.

1cm should be avoided.

  2. The easiest massage method-eye exercises If you find it difficult to learn the eye point massage method that specifically removes the bags under the eyes, in fact, there is a set of the most simple and effective massage method-eye exercises for primary school students.

  Eye exercises are a comprehensive massage method based on traditional Chinese medical massage, meridian theory, etc. It massages acupuncture points around the eye to make the blood in the eye smooth, improve neurotrophy, and can adjust the blood circulation of the eye and the head.Muscle is very helpful for improving sagging bags under the eyes.