Massage your feet like this can stimulate female sexuality

Massage your feet like this can stimulate female sexuality

The foot is one of the important parts of the human body. You can often bathe your feet and massage your feet.

Do you know?

Warm feet can also increase women’s orgasm experience by 30% and speed up their sexual response time.

So, how to massage the feet can stimulate female sexual desire?

  According to the reflection map, the lips, hands, feet and other parts are closely connected with the sensitive nerves, and the feet and sexual organs share an area inside the brain.

Their central nerves are adjacent, and they can share sexual information.

In addition, there are many acupuncture points and nerve fibers on the feet that are closely related to sexual feelings. Sometimes the Dadun point between the big toe and the toe is an excellent sexy band. It can be done by finger pressing and temperature stimulationCan make women feel pleasure and excitement.

  Sometimes, the husband can encourage his wife to go to bed in socks first to speed up the process of warming her feet.

If you want to try something more sexy, you can apply a massage cream to your wife for foot massage. Pay special attention to the meat pads and between the toes of the woman’s toes, as well as the Da Dun points and solesYongquan and other parts.

  In addition, women can soak their feet with warm water or Chinese medicine, and walk barefoot, etc., can also step on a certain foot warming effect.

This will promote blood circulation in the feet, make the qi and blood in the feet unobstructed, effectively stimulate sexual desire, enhance sexual feelings, and have a great benefit in improving the quality of sexual life in cold weather.