Eliminate wind and dispel cold

Eliminate wind and dispel cold

I often encounter some patients with refractory and refractory psoriasis in the clinic for many years.

These patients often have common characteristics: itching is heavy, warming is slow, cold or cold below the knee, no sweat or less sweat, more or less stool, no thirst or tasteless, pale whiteMoss or greasy moss, the pulse is thin or slow, the course of the implantation, sometimes light and heavy.

In the beginning of the illness, summer and winter are more common, but never in winter and summer afterwards. The rash persists, the disease is lingering, and the medication is suffocating, dull, and bloating.

Examine the traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions used in the past, which are products for cooling blood and detoxifying, removing dampness and clearing heat, nourishing and moisturizing, and promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Some patients have used adrenal corticosteroids or other immunosuppressants. Although they have a temporary effect, the relapse or symptoms are more severe than before.

  According to the above clinical manifestations, according to the eight outlines of traditional Chinese medicine, they are yin, cold, li, and virtual; according to the six sexes, they are wind, cold, and wet; according to the organs, they are lung, and kidney.

We uniformly identified the symptoms of wind cold and dampness, and adopted the methods of expelling wind, dispersing cold, and dehumidifying, and soon achieved curative effects.

  The typical case is Zheng ××, male, 46 years old, suffering from psoriasis for more than 20 years.

When I went to work in the countryside, I lived in a shack and felt cold and sick in the winter. In the early summer, I only saw the scalp in summer, with scattered skin lesions in the elbows. In winter, I developed a generalized body with the calf as the weight. Regardless of winter and summer, the rash no longer converged.
He has been treated with Chinese and western medicine for a long time, and has also taken immunosuppressive agents such as prednisone and methotrexate, which are effective in the first use, but no progress in long-term use.

Fear of cold and warmth, coldness below the knee, sometimes pain in the right knee, never sweating, tight limbs, itchy head fracture.

  At the first clinic, the scalp was covered with thick silver gray palate and scales, and the whole body was covered with pale red patches. The lower limbs, lumbosacral region, and buttocks were heavy. The skin lesions were dry, thick, and mossy, and the upper limbs and chest were small pieces.Macular rash, thickened and deformed nails, reddish tongue, tooth marks on the edges, thin greasy fur, and slightly slower pulse sinking.

Differentiation is Yang deficiency, cold and dampness, wind cold and dampness, obstruction to the skin, occlusion of the body, stagnation of the camp guard, relieving wind and dispersing cold, warming and dehumidifying, and removing stasis and collaterals.

Medicinal: 10 grams of Nepeta, 10 grams of windproof, 15 grams of coriander, 20 grams of weilingxian, 10 grams of ephedra, 15 grams of Chuanwu (fried first), 15 grams of cinnamon sticks, 15 grams of scallion, 10Grams, 15 grams of angelica, 10 grams of chuanxiong, 15 grams of attached slices (fried first), 5 grams of asarum, 10 grams of licorice.

Shuijianbi, four doses, topical anti-inflammatory pine urea cream.

  After the second consultation, the body was relaxed and the tear was greatly reduced; the head slightly sweated, no longer chills, the scalp scales were reduced, and the skin lesions became thin.

Go to Asari, add 30 grams of black snake, 15 grams of hive, seven doses.

  At the third clinic, itching and pain relief, sweating in the upper body, most of the head scales disappeared, and most of the back upper extremity rash also subsided. The large map-shaped skin lesions on the legs and crotch region were also dispersed, reduced and thinned.

Cool and swollen below the knee.

Go to the hive from the top, add 20 grams of solitary living, 30 grams of chicken blood vine, 15 grams of staghorn gum (Chong Chong), seven doses.

  At the four clinics, the scalp, chest, chest, and upper extremity skin lesions subsided, leaving pale white pigmentation and plaques, and the calf skin lesions had shrunk into isolated island patches, which were slightly swollen.

Go to the top of the ephedra, add 15 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, change the Angelica to 10 grams, continue to take the medicine for two weeks, a total of 56 doses before and after, the systemic rash completely subsided, and the nails returned to normal.

  When Chinese medicine talks about cause, it depends on the place and the system.

Heilongjiang is located in the northern part of the country. It is windy and cold, and the evil is prone to invade the human body. The evil of the cold is on the muscle surface, and the closed muscles are suffocating. The health qi is depressed.The key to the pathogenesis of psoriasis.

  This recipe comes from the ephedra fuzi asarum soup, angelica sinis decoction, and huo huo sheng wet soup.

The medicines are mainly dredging wind, warming sun, dispersing cold, and dehumidifying medicine.

The medicine for dredging the wind can be scattered, penetrated, can be declared, can be opened, and can pass, that is, the wind is cold, penetrated through the skin, the lungs can be expelled, and the air can be opened and closed.The reconciliation of Wei, smooth blood, and self-healing of the disease.