Zen tea has great effect on reducing blood sugar

Zen tea has great effect on reducing blood sugar

Diabetes is a disease caused by dysregulation of glucose metabolism in the human body.

In ancient Chinese medicine prescriptions, there is a record of “coarse tea” boiled juice and long service to cure thirst.

Modern studies on tea have found that the key adults who can lower blood sugar are tea grains, tea polyphenols, and tea pigments in tea.

Tea polysaccharides have the highest content in mature tea, which confirms the ancients’ observations on the effect of “crude tea”. What is explained here is that many of the “crude teas” mentioned in tea therapy are black tea, which refers to sexual mature matureTea (must be a complete tea growth cycle), not a low-grade tea selected after sieving other teas.

  A large number of animal tests have found that oral or intraperitoneal injection of tea binary has a hypoglycemic effect. Generally, this effect appears around 10 hours after administration, and the effect disappears after 24 hours.

The principle is not to promote the secretion of insulin, but to enhance the function of insulin.

Tea glucose is used together with insulin-promoting insulin to enhance the blood sugar-lowering effect of rhenium.

  Tea polyphenols (ECG, EGCG, CG, GCG, and theaflavins in black tea) can inhibit the activity of amylase and invertase in humans and animals.

Among the tea pigments, the leader of the tea yellow group had the strongest hypoglycemic effect.

Animal tests and clinical trials have proven that taking theaflavin 30 minutes before supplementing with starch or sucrose can increase blood sugar levels, while theaflavin and theabrownin play a positive synergistic role in reducing glucose at the same time.

  Therefore, black tea, which is rich in tea polysaccharides, tea polyphenols, and tea pigments, is a standing drink for diabetes.

Long-term use of natural fully-fermented tea Zen Zhicha can effectively prevent diabetes.

  Japanese medical scientists have found that the black tea glucosidase enzyme of the previous year is particularly high, and glucosidase is the key substance for organic germanium to be absorbed by the machine. German elements can be activated to build a biological hypoglycemic chain.