Baby adjusts spleen and stomach to eat more grains

Baby adjusts spleen and stomach to eat more grains

Ms. Huang Huang from Chaolu District, Chaoyang District, Beijing: A large number of experts in the newspaper introduced that early summer is the season for children to grow up. My child is three years old this year.What about nutrition?

  Professor Shi Yumin from the Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University: Early summer is the season when children grow faster.

The faster the growth, the more nutrients are needed. This is a challenge for children with weak spleen and stomach with poor digestion and absorption. Parents should pay attention to conditioning the spleen and stomach for children.

  The diet should be light, rich in protein, vitamins and trace elements, and easily digestible foods. Don’t let children eat too much greasy barbecue mashed food.

Cooking uses soups, porridges, tinctures and other forms to facilitate digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach.

  Children should eat more grains. For example, millet has spleen and stomach effects. It is suitable for children with spleen and stomach deficiency and nausea. The layer of sticky “rice oil” on millet porridge is very rich in nutrients, which is very useful for restoring digestion and absorptionHelp; corn has spleen and dampness, appetizing and intellectual function, eat more corn can improve children’s function and help intellectual development; barley has spleen and lungs, heat and dampness, protein content is much higher than rice, noodles, andEasy to digest; Soybean has spleen and qi strengthening effects, such as tofu, soy milk and so on are good for children with weak spleen and stomach; red beans have spleen and blood, especially for children with spleen deficiency and anemia.

  There are many ways to eat miscellaneous foods for children with spleen deficiency, such as adding millet or beans to rice; adding corn flour or soy flour to flour when making pasta.

  In addition, massaging Zusanli has the effect of conditioning the spleen and stomach.

Parents massage their children Zusanli Point 10 every day?
15 minutes, set the pediatric digestive system to be robust.

  For infants and young children, parents are recommended to use chiropractic.

Parents stand on the right side of the child, and let them lie on their stomachs. Pinch the skin on both sides of the spine with both hands and gradually move up from the tail until they are aligned. Repeat ten times a day.

Chiropractic has the effect of strengthening the spleen, helping digestion and strengthening. It can improve appetite, reduce colds and strengthen physique.

  Does the child have a bad spleen and stomach?

  Children with a weak spleen and stomach are particularly susceptible to colds, manifesting as chlorosis, dark blue eyes, “green tendons” on the bridge of the nose, thin body, decreased appetite, disturbed sleep, and often diarrhea.