How to Pretend to be Anotherself Online?

How to Pretend to be Anotherself Online?

Core tip: No one on the Internet knows you are a dog.

The pure and beautiful girl on the Internet may in reality be a strange uncle who has no semblance.

The obscuration of the mouth, the roaring brother with no one in his eyes, may be gentle in reality, revealing the charming gentleman’s demeanor.

In the network, you can pretend to be another person.

  There are countless strangers on the Internet. After seeing the true face of Lushan, many people’s true appearance often surprises the fans who look forward to it: the hero who is on the Internet is only a weak scholar with black-framed glasses.); But the “beauty” who writes euphemism is a big man.

On dating sites for dating purposes, the veil of men and women of all colors is even more unpredictable.

As more and more people start using dating sites to find their other half.

  Recently, Nichols of Michigan State University?

Nicole B. Ellison

(Ellison) and other media researchers in the “New Media Society” article tried to find out: from the true self-discrimination, people’s “self” in the anonymity in the end is a bit false, a bit true.

The researchers found 37 users who participated in online dating from several major online dating sites, collected their personal files on dating sites, and compared them appropriately with the actual situation.

Afterwards, they conducted an interview with these users about the “untrue” part, including how they interpreted this untrue information, their acceptance of biased information, and so on.

The results were not unexpected, and most people’s self-descriptions on the Solicitor’s website differed from the actual situation.

Interestingly, people are not completely disgusted with these true and false information, and their views on biased information also show interesting rules: time difference: asynchronous “lie”. On the Internet, people’s definition of “self” seemsThere is a very wide boundary. This “self” includes both the past-present-future and a mixture of reality and ideal.

Therefore, many people have a “time difference” in their introductions: they put the “self” past or future in the archives, and a lot of the information does not correspond to their current situation.

In this way, people can both present a positive image and avoid lying.

  Although this is not appropriate, the “variability” of the information determines whether this time difference is acceptable: changes in volatile characteristics (such as hair style) are more likely than deviations in certain fixed attributes (such as age or height)Acceptable.

In addition, the magnitude of this deviation will also be considered.

If you are a 30-year-old, 200 pounds fat man, but put a picture of yourself, 130 pounds, I am afraid many people will be fooled.

  Sometimes, people also take a risk to “take a shot” and write something in the archive that cannot be predicted.

For example, because smoking is a less attractive trait, many smokers also say that they do not smoke.

When asked about the reason, a senior person said that if he met his dream lover, he would definitely quit smoking.

But who knows.

In addition, the last thing people like is to show their current self. For example, if a former person has gained weight recently, he insists not to upload his most recent photo.

  General clue: The beauty of the comparison in the online dating environment generally depends on the description of the language, which reflects the deviation of many people’s understanding of themselves.

It may be a word like “fengliu”, which is probably a matter of opinion.
In order to avoid this contradiction, more people may choose ambiguous words such as “moderate appearance”.

Of course, it would be better if there were slightly positive vocabulary.

  You know what I know: During the interview, the same “hidden rules”, most of the repeaters said that they knew that there might be information deviations in online dating, and showed a certain degree of tolerance.

For example, “curvy” may be inconsistent, or it may be slightly plump.

This kind of small malicious beautification can be accepted by most people.

But the level of acceptance varies from person to person, and a tall woman is very sensitive to height: “I must not tolerate a meter six man who lied to have a meter eight.

“Personal files are like a” psychological contract. “Everyone looking for the other half on the Internet will pay attention to whether this” contract “can be incorporated in the future.

So people often choose to beautify their archives in a way that improves their charm and maintains the “contract” credibility.

The clue of online capital also means that this “contract”, like all contracts, has its incomplete characteristics, so people use ambiguous words to overcome themselves.

Of course, people also have unpredictable deviations in high-level “contracts” and have certain expectations.

The next time you see a beauty on a dating site, remember to think about the possible time deviations, clue cutting, and the effects of “hidden rules.”

good luck!