Keeping Your Hair: Men’s Heart Disease

Keeping Your Hair: Men’s Heart Disease

“All adult men will be bald in 100 years!

“This prediction of a famous German professor of dermatology, although a little swearing words, but it can not help but cause someone’s alarm.

Absolute economic development is rapid, and men have higher and higher image requirements, especially successful people who have just entered middle age. The career development is smooth, but the hair on the top is getting thinner, and many people are troubled.

  Data show that at present about 50% of adult men in the world suffer from hair loss, and 40% of men aged 25-54 in Hong Kong face baldness.

Hair loss will make men consciously unattractive, produce inferiority complex, worry about affecting promotion opportunities, etc., and become a heart problem for many men.

  ”Xie Ding” causes men to suffer from “heart disease” According to a survey of male hair loss conducted in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the effects of hair loss on male patients are far more serious than people expected.

In addition to the fact that patients with diabetes appear to be older and thus reduce their confidence in participating in social activities, hair loss in turn triggers psychological fear of the patient.

  Although hair loss does not affect people’s physiological functions, few respondents believe that hair loss is a disease that affects the appearance of patients and makes people lack self-confidence, especially for those unmarried young men with hair loss.

For older male patients, hair loss means the beginning of aging, which will make them think of death and cause fear.

This is a long way from people’s previous thoughts on “innocence” for hair loss.

  It is understood that male hair loss usually starts around 30 years old, and some people start from 17 to 20 years old. They are roughly divided into hair replacements of about the length of the forehead, the posterior brain area begins to lose hair, the forehead hair loss area is connected to the hind brain hair loss area, and the forehead hair loss area is connected withThe cerebellum alopecia area is integrated into five stages, including the Mediterranean Sea.

The essence of hair loss is modern fast-paced life and fierce competition for survival and development, which has caused men’s mental pressure to increase, coupled with some bad living habits (such as drinking and sleeping late), human endocrine dysfunction, and sebaceous glands are hypersecretory.Too much oil is produced, causing the hair follicles under the scalp to be replaced with oil, and the scalp capillaries continue to contract for a long time due to the high tension of the brain nerves. As a result, the nutritional supply required for the hair follicles and hair is impaired, and the hair follicles begin to shrink.Due to the large number of lipophilic fungi multiplying, seborrheic dermatitis appears on the scalp, which gradually causes hair loss and leads to balding.

  Correcting the mentality of early treatment of hair loss makes men very distressed, and the psychological burden aggravates the condition.

According to the survey, only 1/6 of them said they had or were receiving hair loss treatment, and nearly 20% of teens said they would feel embarrassed when seeking treatment for hair loss.

In fact, in general, hair loss does not affect your health. You do n’t have to worry too much to avoid it, but the earlier you treat the hair loss, the better.

If early, mild and moderate male hair loss is taken under the guidance of a doctor to prevent it, it can prevent further hair replacement and avoid many of the annoyances caused by hair loss.

  At present, dermatologists at seven tertiary hospitals in Beijing have set up specialist clinics for treating hair loss. Men with hair loss may wish to try.