[How to save walnut meat]_How to save_Save method

[How to save walnut meat]_How to save_Save method

Walnut is a very common type of dried fruit in our lives. Because the shape of this dried fruit is more like our brain, everyone likes to eat walnuts to supplement the brain, because China has always stated that it is in the shape of supplements. In fact, there is no such statement.Scientific basis, but it must be acknowledged that walnuts taste better and have a longer storage time, so how can walnut meat be better preserved?

First, the preservation method of walnut kernels: 1. First, gradually put it in a ventilated place. Do not use sealed bags. It is best to use cloth bags, sacks or other air-permeable bags.

2. Secondly, the bag with better ventilation is used to prevent the dryness of walnuts from being insufficient. The bag with better ventilation is used to effectively and quickly distribute and absorb moisture and moisture, so as to better maintain the dryness of walnuts and prevent moisture regain.mold.

3. Finally, it is recommended that the walnut should not be peeled off, and it should be stored for a long time.

Second, the shelf life of walnuts: 1, walnut oil, common processing walnut oil retention period is 3 months, walnut refined oil retention period is 12 months.

2, walnut kernel, the retention period is 6 months.

3. The refrigerated walnut storage period is 10 months.

4, walnut fresh fruit (wet walnut) retention period is 15 days.

5, green peel walnut retention period is 1 month.