10 words the fitness center won’t tell you

10 words the fitness center won’t tell you


“Oh, it’s hard for you to stick to April.

“In January each year, the fitness center adds too many new members. This is the busiest month for the fitness club.

Because many people have the ambition to fulfill their New Year’s wishes.

At this time, the treadmill was in a long line, and the fitness trainer was so busy that he canceled the towel and shortened it.

  This fact will not last long, and the evidence from the University of Washington found that most people do not stick to the practice of the New Year plan for 90 days.

And fitness clubs are so anxious, they often have 20% -30% of abstainers to count on.

  That being the case, why not avoid the crowded January or first three months?

When choosing a gym, correctly confirm how many people you have booked at the time, whether there is a time limit on the use of equipment and so on.


“There are many bacteria here .” 80% of infectious diseases can be transmitted through direct and indirect contact.

Especially in the gym, where sweaty, alternating body contact, provides a hotbed of infection, from athlete’s foot to cold.

  For example, on the fitness ball, we found the super pathogen MRSA, a staphylococcus that has some resistance to antibiotics.

Therefore, it is recommended to wash your hands carefully every time you complete your fitness.

  Some fitness centers provide watering cans for cleaning equipment or something.

This is a form of protection, but bodybuilders also need to protect themselves.

For example, use your own towel, keep your underwear in a clean place, and do not expose any public places.


“We may not be able to deal with an emergency.

“In the United States, near-supplemented disease sites outside the home and hospital are reported to have occurred next to health clubs or exercise equipment.

  However, many fitness centers are not prepared for such emergencies.

Here’s a case: In July 2004, a 24-hour fitness club in California, 43-year-old Nick?

Pombula suddenly fainted on the treadmill, and the club attempted a cardiac resuscitation (CPR), but it was too late when paramedics arrived.

  Although effective CPR can win a small amount of time, once the heart stops beating suddenly it cannot be reset.

That’s why there is an automatic external defibrillator (AED).

There is no professional CPR or AED, and every 1 minute has passed, the chance of regeneration is reduced by 10%.

In New York, more than 500 fitness clubs are required to be staffed with CPR, AEDs, and professionally trained ambulances. In the 2005 survey, two-thirds of clubs were substandard.

  Therefore, when joining a fitness club, be sure to understand the ambulance facilities there.


“Fitness coaches don’t know what they are doing.

“When you’re working out, expect the coach to help you with their expertise, right?

I hope they not only have Colgate-style smiles, strong muscles, but also teach you one or two ways to stay in shape?

But this is sometimes not the case.

A fitness industry consultant told us that many coaches did not have much professional training, just paid some money, and they had a job permit for short-term courses.

  Here’s a case: Jonathan?

Jackson, 35, is a marketing manager who just had a lumbar disc herniation. He asked a personal trainer to design a fitness program that suits him.

But after participating in the boxing training recommended by the coach, he felt more pain.

After the doctor asked Jonathan to stop, the coach recommended him to practice Pilates, but the movements he taught worsened Jonathan’s condition and had to go to the hospital for treatment again.Jonathan said, “That guy claimed to have a certificate at that time, and a wall of medals.

It took me a whole year and a year before it was completely painless.

“When looking for a fitness coach, you should find a certification from a domestic authority. In the United States, there is the American College of Sports Medicine (American Academy of Sports Medicine) or the National Fitness Association (National Strength Regulation Association).

Also, preferably training in sports medicine or first aid.


“We won’t let you stop the appointment easily.

“Member cancellation disputes are one of the most concentrated complaints against fitness centers.

Chris and his wife are moving to northern Carolina, but they originally booked a membership card at the Texas “Golden Club”. Before leaving, they went to the club manager to cancel the reservation.

They were told that cancellation checks would arrive in the future.

But after a few months, nothing came back.

He complained to the relevant department and did not get a satisfactory answer.

Later, the club said that it had sent replacement documents after receiving Chris’ relocation documents, but Chris said that the club manager did not ask him for such documents at all.


“Please make sure you have read our contract carefully.

“The details of the contract are a problem.

Take a quick look and the urging of the marketer has caused you to ignore the details.

  The best strategy is to read every word of the contract clearly, don’t trust the vows of marketers, and don’t heed anyone’s urges until you are completely clear.

You can even take the contract home and read it slowly at night.


“Our fitness equipment is dangerous now.

“There are not many standards and laws that govern fitness centers, so fitness centers are sometimes not as safe as you think.

In terms of equipment maintenance, even if the manufacturer attaches instructions to the fitness equipment, the gym may not be 100% compliant, and improper use or lack of maintenance of the fitness equipment may cause injuries to the bodybuilder.

In 2001, a law student was doing squats in a gym in California. Due to a small design flaw of the machine itself, no one reminded. Suddenly a bunch of weight standards fell down, smashing the student’s spine.

  In a good fitness club, you can view their equipment maintenance and cleaning logs.

They will carefully maintain the equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, replace the equipment every 5 to 7 years, and ensure that all equipment remains correct and moves smoothly.


“Everything can be negotiated.

“In special festivals or early summer, fitness centers often have attractive offers for membership or renewal, similar to freebies.

If you are already a member, you can simply write down these offers and when you want to renew your contract, try asking the club for one or two of them.

Some clubs can also give members renewal discount after removing the monthly poster from the event.

  If you want to join the club recently, the regular long-term membership is more favorable than the short-term discount. For example, there is a flexible training program. It costs 5 to 10 dollars more per month to be a “monthly member” than a “yearly member”.

In this case, you may wish to sign a long-term membership with one or two friends and come in separate time periods, so that is a discount.


“If your wallet is gone, it is not our responsibility.

A report released by the FBI in 2003 stated that a group of thieves had stolen many credit cards in the lockers of the East Bank Health Club.

Since then, the FBI has not released a similar report, but it does not indicate that your belongings are safe in the fitness center.

You never know who sneaks around the locker.

  Here’s a case: Ben?

Osborne was planning to spend New Year’s Eve in the fitness club in 2004, and time passed quickly. When the Chicago real estate agent sweated back to his locker, he found that the lock was cut open, and the phoneThe keys and wallet are gone.

Is only his jacket still there?
Probably because of the new year, the thief still had a little mercy.

Ben said that the staff of the fitness center at that time would not cause it at all, because the thief was normal in these places.

Since then, I have learned a lesson, always go to the fitness center with as little valuable as possible.

Also, it is recommended that items be locked in a locker, preferably with a padlock rather than a combination lock.


“Sue us?

You won’t win.

“Many clubs are very cunning in safeguarding their own interests. They have quietly escaped many responsibilities in the membership contract, from equipment failures to accidents caused by coach misleading.


Stoke was injured in Kent’s fitness center, where the basketball court floor was damaged and he stomped and fractured.

But Michael’s membership contract defeated him, and even the judge knew he was unaware of the pitfalls at first, but was unable to help him.

  This is the case in the United States courts. With the contract in hand, it is difficult to bring the plaintiff to the gym.

The court has to take into account the plaintiff’s original negligence and ignorance, and the door is very high, as in some Washington.

Perhaps only a small number of courts in New York or Virginia will help the plaintiffs a little.