Wearing headphones loses her temper and hurts her ears

Wearing headphones loses her temper and hurts her ears

This year’s March 3rd is the 16th “Early Love Day” in the country, and the theme is “Safe Ears, Protecting Hearing.”

Absolutely, the causes of life noise and improper use of ears, such as tinnitus and hearing loss, which are originally “senile diseases”, are gradually increasing among young people.

  The ancients often used “ear ears and eyesight” to describe a person’s smart state. It can be seen that good vision and hearing are the basic guarantee for our ability to live.

In the channels of obtaining information, the ears play half of the functions, but in life, many people only realize the “visible” vision and ignore the “invisible” hearing.

On the subway and bus, we have 20,000 fragile sensory nerve cells in our inner ear, so that we can perceive the beauty of the sound, but they are very fragile and can’t stand the “frustration” of overlapping noise.

On the way to and from work, I often see people wearing headphones listening to music and watching videos.

Due to the noisy environment on the subway and buses, in order to hear the sound in the headphones, people will unconsciously turn up the volume. It is not known that this is one of the reasons for the slow decline of hearing-high-decibel noise at close range will causeHair cells in the inner ear of humans are damaged or even died, which will cause noise-induced hearing loss over time. Such injuries are often irreversible.

  Bar, KTV stay too long to go to the bar to listen to songs, go to KTV singing is a way of entertainment for modern people.

Just as people enjoy life, the noise of these entertainment places quietly damages hearing, and it is easy to cause sudden deafness.

This damage can occur instantly, within hours or days, and is accompanied by tinnitus, dizziness, ear tightness, or a sense of earplugs.

Too many entertainment venues such as video game city, KTV, etc. far exceed the national regulations on noise pollution, and staying too long inside can cause hearing damage.

  It is a common habit of many people to pick their ears improperly, and some people are even “addicted” to it.

This seemingly hygienic behavior may quietly damage our hearing.

Generally, “earwax” can protect the external ear canal epithelium, prevent skin cracking, and have antibacterial effects; it can also prevent dust, small flying insects, etc. from entering the external ear canal.

“Earwax” will be slowly and automatically discharged, and removing the “protective film” of this ear will likely cause a variety of diseases. If you like to dig your ears with ear spoons, match sticks, etc., you can easily cause damage to the external ear canalEven bleeding will severely puncture the eardrum.

If the infection forms purulent otitis media, hearing loss can result.

If the inner ear is injured, it may even cause neurological deafness.

  Uncontrollable bad temper insertion, more and more cases of sudden deafness, and the pace of life of modern people are getting faster and faster, and life stress is not unrelated.

Studies have found that depression, such as anger, depression, sadness, can induce sudden deafness.

In addition, the emotional changes of patients with sudden deafness often run through, and some people are more irritable, and some people are very introverted, and it is easy to get horny.

  Long-term clinical observations show that generally young tinnitus and deaf patients have a period of excessive fatigue before they become ill.

For example, some white-collar patients reported that they had worked overtime continuously before deafness, had little sleep, and felt very tired; student patients mostly said that they had the experience of staying up late before the exam.