There are ways to get rid of insomnia easily

There are ways to get rid of insomnia easily

I believe that everyone will suffer from insomnia. Insomnia is more or less embarrassing everyone. It is a very painful thing to sleep at night. Many insomniacs cannot find a good solution.

So what are the ways to help improve insomnia?

Today I will introduce to you the methods to improve insomnia.

  First, calm down before going to bed.

Take a few minutes of intensive effort an hour or two before going to bed. Think about the daytime things, make a decision on how to deal with the problem, and then simply make a plan for the work to be done the next day.

This method can help you reduce your worries, relax your brain, and enable you to fall asleep quickly as soon as you go to bed.

  Second, do not make up for insomnia.

If you can’t sleep again after 15 minutes of waking up at night, then turn on the radio to listen to the radio, and turn off the radio when you feel sleepy.

Remember: Whether you sleep well at night or not, you must get up on time the next morning. Even on weekends, you ca n’t try to make up for sleep, because this method will not help to overcome insomnia.

  Third, do not drink coffee or smoke before going to bed.

Coffee, Coca-Cola and chocolate all contain exciting caffeine, so don’t drink and eat these before going to bed.

In addition, smoking is also easily exciting, so be sure to change the habit of smoking before going to bed.

  Fourth, develop the habit of stopping thinking before going to bed.

Before going to bed, listen to euphemistic and soothing music, or learn to listen to the sounds of nature, such as rain, insects, and so on.

The method of listening to nature can be a bit difficult to begin with, but you can learn as long as you persist.

  Fifth, insomniac patients do not drink alcohol before going to bed.

In order to relax, some people like to drink alcohol before going to bed, thinking that this can help sleep, but this is actually wrong.

Be aware that alcohol inhibits your central nervous system and disrupts your sleep. After a few hours, you will wake up with headaches due to the stimulation of fine wine.

  6. Don’t develop the habit of lying in bed for insomnia.

You can only go to bed when you feel really sleepy. If you can’t fall asleep after lying in bed for 15 minutes, get up and do monotonous and easy things, such as: reading books, knitting wool, watching TV or watchingLook at the household account book.

  Seven, insomnia, eat something before going to bed.

Eat a slice of bread and a fruit an hour or two before bed, or drink a glass of milk.

But don’t eat anything too sweet, because desserts can make you nervous.

  Eight, take a walk at night to prevent insomnia.

People with long-term insomnia can also take a walk in the evening. The best place to choose is near the home, and the distance should not be too long.

Walking can relax the muscles and heat the body. Usually when the temperature drops, people will feel tired and want to sleep.

  Nine, the feet can be treated with vinegar.

The reason why soaking feet with vinegar has an important refreshing effect is that the foot is the root of the human body, and there are many reflective areas with important therapeutic value in the foot. By soaking the foot in warm water, the vinegar can penetrate the skin of the foot surface and accelerate the human body.The blood circulation improves the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen, improves the fatigue of various parts of the body leading to the state of oxygen deficiency, enhances the metabolism of various systems, and is beneficial to the discharge of carbon dioxide and exhaust gas in the body, thereby relaxing the body and eliminating fatigue.

  Ten, take a hot bath before going to bed.

A person’s body temperature is low when they fall asleep, and the body temperature is highest during the day. According to this theory, taking a hot bath two or three hours before bedtime can help sleep, because bathing can raise the body temperature and wait until your bedtime,Your temperature will drop.