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Ten small action anti-wrinkle maintenance recipes

I usually use skin care products to maintain the skin. In fact, there are many things that we need to pay attention to every day in our daily lives. As long as you pay attention, they are important maintenance methods.

  Basic maintenance small actions: 1.

Ingest more foods with antioxidant effects such as vitamin C, E, green tea polyphenols, grape polyphenols, etc., which are ingredients with antioxidant effects, and you can consume more fruits. Because grape polyphenols are present in grape seeds, it is recommended to eat grapes, Can be changed to drink grape juice, juice with grape seeds, in order to effectively absorb grape polyphenols.


Reducing the formation of peroxides is the main cause of free radicals. If you can try to avoid them, you can effectively prevent cell oxidation.

If you smoke less and eat less fried food, you can effectively prevent the formation of peroxides in the body.


Pay attention to moisturizing and replenish 2000ml of water every day, and carry moisturizing products at any time, replenish in time to avoid dry fine lines on the skin.

  Moisturizing Tips: You can use a paper film to soak a lotion and make a five-minute moisturizing mask.


Moderate exfoliation Depending on your skin condition, exfoliation is moderate. Exfoliation does not have to be performed on the entire face. It can be applied locally.

The simple way to judge when and where to exfoliate is as follows-I feel that the skin on the face becomes rough, pores become obvious, and when there are acne, it is a sign of exfoliation.

  Tip: Although exfoliating helps to instantly renew the skin, it can help to better absorb the maintenance ingredients, but in many cases, exfoliating also makes the skin very bad. Not all skin types are suitable for regular exfoliation: first类 柔软的皮肤不用去角质第二类脆弱的皮肤不可去角质,例如粉刺痘痘皮肤和红血丝皮肤第三类已经去角质不再去角质,例如用过有去角质功能的专门化妆水或者美白Supplies for the skin.


Do sun protection for your skin. When you are outdoors, try to avoid exposing your skin to the sun. Rather, take two more steps to a place with shadows. Try to choose clothing that is concealing. If you cannot use the clothing, you must apply sunscreen.


Full sleep is the key time for daily skin self-repair. Sleep can also effectively relax muscles.

  (You can use photos to record your skin condition just after waking up one day, after work, and staying up late. You can clearly compare the lines that appear when your skin is tired, and the lines produced by tiredness after a lot of sleeping surface rest,And get 7.

The cleaning action should be gentle when cleaning the skin every day to avoid excessive pulling on the skin. It is recommended to use the middle finger and ring finger when doing the cleaning action, which will not cause a load on the skin.


Avoid peeling skin When the skin is uncomfortable, avoid itching and scratching with your fingers, because these actions can easily damage the skin’s tissue structure, cause skin relaxation, and even leave scars.


Appropriate massage on areas where expression lines are easy to appear can effectively avoid the appearance of expression lines. Massage can be provided in places where expression lines are prone to appear on the skin (such as eyebrows, end of eyes, mouth corners, etc.).

  Preliminary: After applying the lotion on the cheeks, rub it in a spiral shape with the middle finger of the index finger and the ring finger from bottom to top.

Allow your face to relax completely.

  Step 3: Use the index finger and middle finger to massage the retina from the nasal bridge to the ears.

Hold for 10 seconds and massage back from the opposite direction.

The middle fingers of the upper and lower ends of the nose can be gently rubbed from top to bottom.

  Step 2: Then start with your forefinger and middle finger, gently squeeze and massage upwards, and slightly clamp the facial tissue to the earlobe. This action must be repeated 5 times.

  Step 4: Use your index and middle fingers to make a “V” victory gesture.

Close your eyes and gently massage back and forth with your fingers.

This helps eliminate bags under the eyes.

  Step 5: Gently massage your forehead back and forth with three or four fingers, depending on the width of your forehead.

Slowly massage from one temple to the other.

This can effectively help you clean up excess texture on your face.


Frequent strokes of the face to relieve muscle pressure can help avoid the appearance of expression lines (by gently touching the skin with the hands, it can effectively distract nerve replacement, muscles with loose muscles, and avoid the generation of expression lines.